Our approach to medical device and life science instrumentation is based on a deep knowledge in design thinking. We collaborate with you to unlock creativity and drive change. We offer a flexible strategic approach to meet your unique product lifecycle challenges. We have a dedicated customer-centric team that deliver results.

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Hantel Technologies is a fast and highly flexible contract service provider for the development and manufacturing of innovative medical devices. As experienced medical product professionals, we offer the following services:

Product Design Development

Product Design & Development

Hantel’s seasoned staff of engineers and project managers can assist you in developing a broad spectrum of medical devices and life sciences instrumentation. Our leading-edge medical device product development team possesses strong mechanical, electrical, and system integration skills. We utilize our proven design-to-manufacturing process to prepare your device for clinical use. We follow a well-established path that allows us to deliver successful outcomes.

In addition, Hantel can and has performed Intellectual property/technology. Patent assessments to address manufacturability, quality, and design practices. We can and have perform patents evaluations and/or contribute to new patent submissions. Hantel has assigned over 100 patents to our clients, helping them build their patent portfolio.

FabricatioProcess Finshed Devices

Fabrication, Process, & Finished Devices

Hantel is widely recognized throughout the medical device industry for our focus and dedication to excellence and quick turnaround. Our highly skilled personnel provide rapid prototypes and Clinical use production units with high accuracy and precision. Our extensive process-driven experience allows us to create rapid prototypes to high-quality finished devices time and again. Our process capability include: traditional catheter manufacturing processes, Ultra sonic welding, nitinol forming, and silicone casting.



Human Factors Engineering (HFE) and Usability Engineering (UE) is an essential component in delivering successful finished products that mitigate risk. Hantel’s experienced staff applies Human Factor Engineering (HFE) testing during the product development phase in the intended clinical environment to verify the User Interface (UI) is safe, effective and satisfying for the user to use.

Hantel can perform a wide range of independent functional and performance device testing, based on established ISO, IEC and other relevant standards. Develop validation and verification protocols’, execute the testing, and write reports.


Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

Hantel’s procurement and inventory management team can assist clients with purchasing, warehousing and distribution of components and finished goods. This is accomplished through the use of our extensive approved supplier base and MRP system. We have expertise in SCM and offer tailored-made logistic solutions to provide you with a speed-to-market advantage.

Thermoforming Molding

Thermoforming & Molding

Hantel’s in-house thermoforming operation enables tight integration with manufacturing and assembly operations. Our thermoform tray design and manufacturing capability allows variable production scale. Our in-house thermoforming further accelerates getting your product to market by eliminating the need for other supplier and providing in-house packaging of medical devices that are intended to be sterilized.

In house molding on a limited scale will accelerate both product design process and manufacturing again reducing the use of outside suppliers to supply components for your products.

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